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Mother's Day Special 10th May

Mother’s Day is a perfect occasion to express your love to your mom, acknowledge her efforts, thank her for being your strength and pamper her
Pamper her this Mother’s Day
Pamper her this Mother’s Day (Getty Images)
in every possible way.

As it’s a special occasion, it’s difficult to find that 'perfect' gift for her. Ordering a bunch of her favourite flowers, taking her out for shopping are a few ideas that top the most convenient gifting list. However, if you really plan to surprise her and see that twinkle in her eye, try to go beyond the obvious and get down to some brainstorming.

Here are some ideas to make this Mother’s Day really memorable for your mom:

A trip down the memory lane : It’s always nice to recall the good things that both of you have shared together. To let her relive some of those warm moments of your childhood, take her to a place where you frequented with her, holding her little finger.

Namit Gupta, who works with a Delhi-based hotel, tells, “Because of some family problems we had to leave our house where we stayed at for 18 years. Though my mother doesn’t say anything but I know in her heart of hearts she still misses our life there. Last Mother’s Day, I took her out for lunch and then drove her to our former home. My mother got nostalgic while we were sitting in the verandah of our cherished nest. Then I drove her to a park nearby. While sitting on that old bench, she told me some of the naughty things I did as a child just to test her patience. She was really touched with what I did and I was elated to see that sense of contentment on her face.”

Looks good, feels great : Your mom might not even remember when was the last time she had cared to experiment with her looks by trying out a new hair cut or her wardrobe. So why don’t you lend her a helping hand?

Nidhi Desai, a corporate communication executive reveals, “Slipping into a Western attire or applying make up is an alien thing for my mother. Therefore, this Mother’s Day I plan to take my mum to an extravagant salon for a nice haircut, followed by a quick make-up session. Then I’ll take her out to my favourite stores for shopping. I really want to see her wearing something other than the usual suits and saris. Her makeover would certainly cost me a bomb, but I can afford this much to see a newer and more confident version of my mother.”

Reigniting her passion : Remember how our mothers used to shell out their savings to pay for our hobby classes? But have we ever tried to find out what interests her, the hidden passion she would love to pursue? If not, then this is the time!

Mamta Das, a B Tech student says, “My mother keeps humming something or the other the entire day. Recently she told me, she used to learn classical music until I was born. In fact, she met my dad during a music class. I felt quite disappointed, as thanks to me she had to bid adieu to her passion. And then I knew what I had to do. I found out a music academy close to my house and got her enrolled. I plan to give her the admission card on Mother’s Day. I am really curious to know her reaction. Though I have sacrificed my one-month’s pocket money for it, but I know she’ll love it. ”

Reunion time : We have always heard our mothers saying, ‘it becomes difficult to stay in touch with friends post marriage.’ So why don’t you find out some of her pals from past and organise a reunion.

Shailender Singh, a business development executive says, “My mother used to talk a lot about her best friend Chavi, who moved abroad and they lost touch. Recently we got to know that she was back in town, but there was no means of locating her. I searched for all her friends on Orkut. After sending scraps to several wrong people, I found Chavi aunty’s daughter. Finally, we decided to make our moms meet on Mother’s Day. Both of them were so delighted after hours of conversation. And we were satisfied to fulfill at least one of their desires.”

It’s time to honour her : Thanks to our busy lifestyle, most of us generally fail to express how much we value our parents. But when you have a chance then don’t miss out...

Medical professional, Nivedita Chand gives the entire credit of her success to her mom. She adds, “Now my mom invests most of her time in doing up the garden. Last Mother’s Day, I wrote a heartfelt note to her and placed it inside the best student trophy I won in college. Then I left it in the garden where she could see it easily. She was surprised to see that trophy lying there, but ended up in tears when she read my note. It said- 'Thanks for being my angel and guiding me through darkness. More than me, you deserve this trophy. Cheers to world’s best mama.'”

The best one : If you run out of ideas and still want to make the day special for her, just spend the day with your mother. Take a day off, switch off your cell phone, keep that laptop aside and just be with her. Tell her everything that you always wanted to tell her, but never made the time. As your mother is the most important person in your life, let her know that too.

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